About Us

Immigrant, entrepreneur, and USMC veteran Mel Shtanko introduces family owned and operated “CaraMELized”. Mel creates simply but unique food with flavor. And with his experience with culinary cuisines from around the world, he brings us savory foods with both an at home feel and worldly flavors. The name “CaraMELized” comes from a culinary phenomenon that occurs when carbohydrates like sugar are heated to temperatures of 300°F or higher, causing them to turn “brown” which is where FLAVOR is created – from the sugars used to create Crème brûlée to charbroiling the natural sugars from the “blood” of a ribeye steak. Mel has branded his passion for food in the name of his restaurant. Choose from the menu, or a daily or weekend special, which often includes seafood from the Chesapeake Bay or the Atlantic. Our meats come from a local butcher shop. Come join us for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. “CaraMELize” your palate.